YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – We’ve been tracking this winter weather throughout the Valley all week. It has brought a lot of headaches for drivers but a little fun for those who like the snow.

Sledding is a favorite wintertime activity, but for one local family, it’s a yearly tradition.

“My whole family, we go every winter. We plan a day and we go out here and sled and we have fun,” said Jodie Johnson.

For the last five years and counting, they’ve gone out to the Wick Recreation Area at Mill Creek Park.

“We were snowed in so we figured we might as well do something fun with the kids,” Johnson said.

Sledder Abel West: “It’s fun!”
Reporter Desirae Gostlin: “What’s fun about it? What do you like?”
West: “The hill.”

This year, one of their family members from out of town got to join them.

“This is my first time sledding. I live in Georgia, so we don’t really get snow,” said Tia Jackson.

Jackson grew up in Youngstown but moved away several years ago.

“This is my first time in seven years experiencing this much snow,” she said. “We did get snow probably two weeks ago but it was just little flurries and then they shut the city down… They don’t have snowplows. We don’t have salt and stuff like that.”

Jackson says this amount of snow has been unsettling since she’s not used to it, but the fun makes it worth it.

“I’ve been scared but it’s been good,” Jackson said.