Skeggs Lecture Series welcomes legal journalists Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams

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The Skeggs Lecture Series at Youngstown State University brought two big-name legal journalists to campus Tuesday evening, legal commentator Nancy Grace and ABC’s Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams.

Before the lecture, Grace and Abrams met with a small group of students in the ballroom at Stambaugh Auditorium for an hour-long Q & A session.

Many of the questions were focused on their careers, advice for young journalists and stories that they’ll never forget.

Grace also revealed that she’s been keeping a close eye on the local case of Arturo Novoa, the man charged with killing his ex-girlfriend Shannon Graves and leaving her dismembered remains in a freezer in Campbell.

“I was sickened and stunned that he could get people to go along with what he was doing, and that brings me to a whole other can of worms. I’ve prosecuted a lot of bad guys and women before. What I find equally disturbing is those people that stand on the sidelines and do nothing,” Grace said.

Grace went on to say that she and her team will be highlighting the case this Thursday during her Sirius XM crime show and on the website

Nancy Grace says she’s heartbroken over local dismemberment, murder case

During the lecture itself, the pair offered their thoughts on several hot topics that have made national headlines, including the recent college cheating scandal, Jussie Smollett, R. Kelly and the one case Grace says she’s always asked about, Casey Anthony.

Along with managing a radio crime show and crime website, Grace is also the author of the “Hailey Dean” book series and former host of both the “Nancy Grace” and “Closing Arguments” television shows.

Abrams is the founder of Abrams Media Network, creator of, a best-selling author, a TV host on shows like “The Abrams Report” and “LivePD” and a former co-anchor of ABC News’ “Nightline”.

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