YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Residents of the sixth ward in Youngstown gathered Saturday to discuss ideas on what to do with ARP funds.

Sixth Ward Councilwoman Anita Davis held a community meeting at the Newport Library to allow residents to voice their opinions on ways they would like to see the money for their ward spent.

Some of the residents said they would like to see old vacant homes restored or demolished, a program to pick up litter, better grass cutting care and even suggestions on hiring kids to do some of that work.

“Where the houses have been torn down, that grass is going up, if you don’t cut it, it’s gonna become a wilderness. It’s dangerous, it’s not good for the community, so someone needs that job,” one of the residents said.

Davis said that although the million dollars won’t solve all the sixth ward problems, it’s a great place to start and make things better.