LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – On a hot day, there’s a simple way to cool down. Have a cold drink.

Inflation is everywhere, but not at a lemonade stand in Lordstown. It’s still just 50 cents a glass.

“I’m happy because people don’t pay us 50 cents. They pay us more money than 50 cents,” said 7-year-old Lily McPherson.

Lily, her sister Olivia and a friend sit in the shade while selling lemonade, peach tea and bottled water at the corner of Salt Springs Road and Highland Avenue. The girls buy their own supplies.

“Last year we made $255 bucks and I bought a Nintendo Switch Light,” Olivia said.

The McPherson sisters pitched the idea last year to their dad Louis. He liked it but had to ice down the idea.

“They wanted to go a little too far. They wanted to do hot dogs and everything, and I was like let’s just do lemonade,” he said.

The girls are working to fund excursions on an upcoming Disney cruise.

“There’s a lot of fun things where you get to feed stingrays and everything,” Lily said.

Their money jar is stuffed with dollar bills and not many quarters – and the lemonade is delicious. Soon, they’ll be off on their cruise.

“Plan their itinerary and say, well, this is how much you need. If it’s really what you want to do, I figure give them something to work for and show them that they can do it on their own,” Louis McPherson said.

The family trip is being combined with all the birthdays this year, so they can afford it.

The girls were expecting a big night with traffic on the way to the car cruise at the Lordstown Dairy Queen.