Single mother stuck paying for car damages after freak accident along Route 82

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A single mother of two from Warren is stuck paying to get her car fixed after a boulder damaged it in Howland last week.

The boulder came out of nowhere and hit several cars along Route 82 Wednesday morning.

“I heard a big bam and a crack.” 

Simone Cargill was on her way to work when suddenly, she hit a boulder in the middle of the road.

“I knew something was wrong. Like, I have to pull over now. I am on the highway but I have to get over now,” she said.

Cargill says a truck was beside her when she saw the boulder.

“Did I know if it initially came from his truck? I didn’t. I just know that it ricocheted and went straight under my vehicle,” she said.

Now, Cargill is left to pay over $1,000 in damages.

“With my insurance not covering it, it’s just, it’s all put and left on me,” Cargill said. “It was just a simple day of me going to work and something like that happen.”

Her mechanic says the boulder broke through her transmission, ripped her exhaust off and ruined the shield on her gas tank.

“I feel bad for the lady. I mean, she did nothing wrong,” said Tracy Border of T&C Automotive.

“Hear things in slow motion because he’s explaining it to you. It’s just like, I couldn’t believe it, like, it would be something so serious, you know?” Cargill said. “It could have been a lot worse and I do thank God that it wasn’t worse than that for me.”

We reached out to the Warren Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol to see what options drivers have in situations like this, but did not get a response.

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