Since eviction ban was lifted, Animal Charity worries how this will affect pets

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(WKBN) – Monday was the first day courthouses have been open since the eviction moratorium was lifted. Landlords can start eviction proceedings against tenants who haven’t been paying rent. Today, we took a look at how this could impact pets in the homes of renters.

There was an increase in animal adoptions during the slowdown, but now there’s concern about what could happen with evictions. Animal Charity is worried about the animals from those homes.

“We’re expecting an increase in calls from landlords, neighbors, evictions, family members knowing that there are animals that are being trapped into houses or left behind when someone is evicted,” said Jane MacMurchy, coordinator of Animal Charity.

Animal Charity and the Mahoning County Dog Warden have a section on their pet applications asking people if they rent, wanting to know if there are breed, size or weight restrictions before they can adopt an animal.

Achilles was abandoned after its owner was arrested and is about 30 pounds underweight.

“So no matter what your age is or what animal you own, you should really have a plan in place. Have a next of kin or a friend that you’ve spoken to about a plan for your pets if they are in need that is willing and able to help you,” MacMurchy said.

Buddy the dog is 15 pounds underweight after being left behind by a senior citizen who passed away and didn’t have a plan for his animal. The dog wasn’t found for close to a week.

Animal Charity houses 52 dogs, up from 25 six months ago. This week, Animal Charity is working with transfer partners to take some of the animals, using a bigger adoption pool.

“Find them homes really, really fast into these amazing homes, faster than we can, so we can free up some cages and kennels for the expected explosion of rescues that we’re going to be doing,” MacMurchy said.

It’s important to do an official report if you suspect an animal has been abandoned or is being neglected, but you need specific details, especially an address. Just call Animal Charity at 330-788-1064 or visit their website at

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