Signups slow for healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act

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There are just a few days left to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act

Local officials from the Democratic Party urged people to remember the deadline. They said health care is important, even though it seems like there hasn’t been as big of a push to get people enrolled this year.

“People might think I’m not sick or I’m young and invincible, but you could trip off a curb or something could happen unexpectedly,” said Youngstown City Councilman Mike Ray.

According to the Associated Press, health insurance sign-ups are down with just a few days left to enroll, even though premiums are stable, consumers have more choice and millions of uninsured people can still get financial help.

Barring an enrollment surge, the nation’s uninsured rate could edge up again after a yearslong coverage expansion that has seen about 20 million people obtain health insurance.

A status report Wednesday from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services showed nearly 20 percent fewer new people signed up than at about the same time last year. New sign-ups drive the growth of the marketplaces, helping keep premiums in check.

The sign-up deadline in most states is this Saturday, for coverage beginning Jan. 1.

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