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Roberto's downtown temporarily closed after state tax department posts sign

Roberto's Italian Ristorante in downtown Youngstown has been closed for 2 days

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - Roberto's Italian Ristorante on Federal Street in downtown Youngstown is temporarily closed.

A pink sign on the front of the business says the restaurant is "prohibited from making retail sales" as of Wednesday.

The Ohio Department of Taxation suspended the vendor license.

A spokesperson for the department, Gary Gudmundson, said a suspended license and public notice usually means the business fell behind in paying their sales tax or filing returns.

"The only way that business can return to operating is to pay in full all of their outstanding tax obligations and/or file their returns that are due. Until that payment is made in full, the business will remain suspended."

Gudmundson also said businesses tagged with public notices are those in the habitual offenders
program and typically have had difficulty complying with the law.

John Naples released a statement about the closure on Roberto's behalf on Facebook:

We have started 2019 on a sour note. U [sic] may have noticed that our doors have been closed temporarily by the tax man. Well not everything is as it seems -- we were given, on numerous occasions, to submit our tax burden by Feb. 1, 2109 [sic], but got shut down on Jan. 9 without notice! Our atty [sic] has been notified and we plan on re-opening in a day or two. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused u [sic] -- our valued customer/friend. Will keep u [sic] posted."