BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Panic over the coronavirus has led to a big drop in the stock market this week. We talked with a local financial adviser about what to do with your investments.

David Maxwell, of Bury Financial in Boardman, said the recent sell-off on all financial markets over the past week was expected, given the circumstances.

“Volatility happens every single year in the stock market. Going back to 1980, the average pull back from a high to a low is right around 14%.”

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Maxwell said that fear is getting the better of investors and markets are reacting to it.

“When there’s fear in the economy, people tend to stay at home, not spend as much money. So earnings for corporations, potentially, could fall, which then the stock market follows earnings in the long run.”

He said it’s too soon to say how big this downturn will be. He advises investors who don’t need the money soon to wait it out.

“If you’re still long-term and can handle more downturn, potentially, stay the course.”

Maxwell said while it’s tough not to panic, avoiding a rash decision is best for long-term results.

“It all depends on your situation but, usually, you don’t want to let emotions get into what you do but that’s hard to not allow it.”

Maxwell said if you are within a year or so of retirement or if big fluctuations in stock prices make you nervous, you might want to change how you invest your money.