(WKBN)- Doctors are urging parents to make sure their kids are up to date on their vaccines.

They say it’s especially important since doctors are predicting a more severe flu season.

August is National Immunization month. And with the school year coming up, what better time to check in with your child’s doctor to make sure their immunizations are up to date.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are able to predict this by looking at the southern hemisphere, which is currently experiencing its winter months. Populations in the southern half of the world are seeing a heavier flu season right now. Pediatricians say getting flu shot every year is important for kids.

“As we look at the data coming from the southern hemisphere, which is how we determine and predict what the flu season may be like for our winter coming up, it’s looking like it may be a heavier flu season than we’ve seen in the past,” said Dr. Adam Keating of the Cleveland Clinic.

The pandemic led to less people going to their annual check ups, even kids too. Dr. Keating recommends parents to make an appointment with their child’s doctor. He says it’s important to make sure no health concerns were missed during the pandemic.

“It’s worth remembering that people are behind on their preventative care in general right now and that there’s more reasons to visit your pediatrician every year than just immunizations. We want to look at your growth and development,” said Keating.

Dr. Keating says pediatricians want to also check on a child’s mental health and social situations to get a more holistic picture.

Doctors assure that it is safe to get multiple vaccinations, including flu and COVID-19 shots at the same time.

Dr. Keating wants to remind parents that the flu can be more problematic in children than adults. He recommends parents make appointments with their child’s pediatrician as soon as possible. Many people fell behind regular check ups during the pandemic. Dr. Keating says that it getting caught up with shots is not the only reason to go.

Parents can also discuss if their child needs a covid booster shot with their doctor if they have completed the vaccination process at least five months ago.