(WKBN) – Should students be allowed to wear hoodies to class? Several Valley schools have different opinions on the topic.

The principal at Liberty High School has decided no, while the principal at Austintown Fitch has decided to lift the ban on hoodies in the classroom.

Liberty High School Principal Akesha Joseph met with a group of students on Tuesday about lifting the ban.

Liberty students had started an online petition to bring hoodies back, which collected 359 signatures.

Although we do not know the outcome of the meeting, Superintendent Joe Nohra said he supports the ban because last year, students would wear their hoods up in class with earbuds in during tests.

At Austintown Fitch, now that the ban is lifted, the only rule is that students are not allowed to have their hoods up while in school.

Austintown Fitch Principal Tim Kelty said there has never been a problem at the school because of someone wearing a hoodie.

“The students love them, and they have to keep up with the times,” he said.

Kelty also said that the school even sells hoodies with Austintown Fitch logos on them.

“If the school was going to sell them, students should be able to wear them,” he said.

Youngstown City Schools also allows hoodies with no hoods up in the classroom, while Boardman High School has no policy on hoodies at all.