WEATHERSFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) — Police have identified a victim who was fatally shot in Austintown.

Police identified the victim as 19-year-old Joquezz Robbins, of Youngstown.

Investigators say someone in a black SUV Sunday fired several shots at another SUV on Meridian Road, hitting Robbins, who is the son of the driver of the car.

A police report said the driver told police she was going south on Meridian Road about 12:30 p.m. when the black SUV pulled up next to hers and someone started firing.

Robbins, who was in the front seat, was hit by at least one bullet. The driver’s other son, who was in the back seat, was not injured.

The driver turned around and headed back to the Waffle House restaurant on Salt Springs Road, where she had just left a family gathering.

An ambulance was called from there and Robbins was taken to the hospital where he died.

Police found several shell casings in the 1000 block of Meridian Road near Riblett Avenue.

Youngstown police joined McDonald and Weathersfield police at the scene.

At the scene, several children and family members were milling around the parking lot, some hugging and crying.

Noelle Simon-Coggins of Liberty was inside having breakfast for Mother’s Day when she said bedlam erupted inside the restaurant.

“Everybody started running and yelling and said, ‘call 911, someone’s been shot,’” she said.

Simon-Coggins said she never heard any gunfire.

“I was just sitting here eating and everyone started yelling,” she said.

Several people who were inside had their cars blocked in by emergency vehicles and couldn’t leave. One man said he had to visit his wife in the hospital and an officer told him if he could find a way to squeeze his car out he was welcome to leave. The man was able to leave.

An Austintown detective collected evidence from a gray SUV in the parking lot.

At least one bullet hole can be seen in the front driver’s side of the car just before the front door.

Austintown Township police with the help of Youngstown police blocked off Meridian Road at a plaza in the 1000 block of the road, looking for shell casings. It appeared at least one casing was found in the southbound lanes.

Michael Reiner and Patty Coller contributed to this report.