WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull County Sheriff Paul Monroe is warning people about a phone scam that’s making the rounds again.

Monroe says the sheriff’s office has been notified by multiple people about receiving phone calls from someone posing as a deputy and even the sheriff saying that they’ve failed to show up for jury duty and there’s a warrant or fine.

The scammer then tells the person the issue can be resolved with a gift card.

Monroe says no law enforcement agency will ever require this form of payment.

“We’re just trying to put a warning out to the public if you get a call like this, the sheriff’s office will never collect gift cards from you. We will never come out and require you to provide money in this fashion. We just don’t do this,” Monroe said.

Monroe stresses that these types of callers asking for payments in the form of gift cards are just trying to scam people out of money.