CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Animal Charity of Ohio’s Canfield boarding kennel held an adoption clinic on Sunday for their 50 dogs in need of a home.

But Animal Charity said their volunteers are what make it all happen — they come in daily, some even twice a day, to walk the dogs and give them much-needed attention.

“We couldn’t be more appreciative of the team of volunteers that we have right now, they are going above and beyond more than we’ve ever seen here,” said Jane MacMurchy with Animal Charity.

MacMurchy said the time the volunteers spend with the dogs helps create healthy connections for them.

“These are the moments that the dogs need to understand that they are loved and safe and it’s the volunteers that do that,” MacMurchy said.

Edward Pomponio is one of those dedicated volunteers. Over the last eight months, Edward has visited the shelter twice a day to walk one of his favorite dogs — Pinky.

He said over his time helping to care for her, they’ve shared many special moments.

“It’s like they love you and you love them back and it’s unconditional love, 24/7 and you just can’t get enough,” Pomponio said.

On Sunday, Edward walked Pinky for the last time before she heads off to her forever home.

“You just hate to leave them but the goal is to get them a home that’s forever and that’s going to happen today,” he said.

Pomponio said if anyone gets the opportunity to volunteer with the dogs that it’s more rewarding than anyone could imagine. He plans to keep working with other dogs at the shelter until they find new homes.

On Sunday, five dogs in total were adopted.