SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Case Avenue Elementary School in Sharon held an open house Monday night to let the public know about the students’ technical accomplishments this year.

Students involved in the Tiger Techs program got to thank those who helped them out throughout the school year.

Tiger Techs has been giving fourth through ninth grade students in Sharon invaluable experiences in STEM fields.

“It gives the students kind of like some knowledge about these fields as they grow up and go into college, but it also teaches them real life lessons,” said Head Coach Dave Tomko.

Those in the program get to do things and go places many of their classmates can only dream of.

“We really do provide experiences that they might never get,” Tomko said. “Going on different trips around the country and talking to different people in larger cities.”

Abbey Baron and Ben Pollock, freshmen at Sharon High School, have been in Tiger Techs for four years. Both said their time in the program has made a lasting impact.

“I learned so much,” Baron said. “I learned so much every single year, and I think that’s great because you should be able to learn a new thing every single day and I’ve learned way more than one thing every single day from this.”

“Hitting our next steps and goals from what we had set a couple of months ago are starting to become more of a reality than a dream, so that’s always a good thing,” Pollock said.

The students designed an app to track the maintenance of vacant lots and developed a concept for a device to better validate handicap parking.

Tomko said hard work and dedication are why the students have so much fun and are so successful.

“It’s the commitment and it’s like any other activity that you’re in. You’ve got to be committed and dedicated, and the kids here are a tremendous group of kids.”