SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Officials in Sharon are concerned about the future of residents living in the State Towers Complex.

As WKBN reported, their water was shut off last week and natural gas service was also cut because of problems with pipes.

Firefighters say they had to get a search warrant to inspect the building and deemed it uninhabitable.

“We can only guess for some length of time, for up to a month, there has been gas leaking into the building,” said Sharon Deputy Fire Chief Nicholas Samson.

Many tenants have already had to find temporary housing, but some have stayed. Some organizations have been reaching out to assist residents.

“I do expect at some point, there will be a notice to vacate the building for the residents that are still there. At that point, we will continue to work with them to relocate them for temporary housing,” said City Manager Robert Fiscus.

Fiscus called the situation one of the worst that he has ever seen.

Former property manager Joe Fusco has already been cited with more than a dozen code violations, but authorities said they have had trouble contacting him.

Fusco is due back in court again next month.