SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – From 250 to 2,000 fish, the urban farm in Sharon is growing rapidly.

“We’ve gotten more fish in, your fish have grown. And the nutrients have grown, now that we have nutrients in the water we now have some of our lettuce products,” said Rob Studor, the director of Aqauponics-Westwinn Urban AG.

Fish have been dispersed to local restaurants, food distributors and the public.

“Aquaponics by itself is impressive. The fact that we are in an old torpedo factory. So the feedback is great,” said Studor.

So far, the urban farm has put out 4,000 heads of lettuce in less than a month. Harvesting the lettuce is a unique process that begins with pulling the lettuce out of the raft.

“Because we want to keep the plant alive as possible we’ll wrap the roots. Give it a squeeze get some of the excess water out and then we will package it in to our totes,” said Studor.

It’s been a game changer on how food is grown.

“We can gauge our garden or farm for months or years in advance. We don’t have any outputs that affect us like weather or global warming or train derailments. It’s saving land, 90% less water and its just a cleaner better product,” said Studor.

The farm recently did a tour of about 75 fifth graders.

“11 of them liked lettuce when they got here 50% of them were eating lettuce on the bus on the way home,” said Studor.