SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Earlier this week, a woman was hit by a garbage truck in Sharon. Today, we spoke with a person who knows the woman and her family.

On Monday morning, Stephanie Tubb was walking to work, just like any other day. As she got near the intersection of North Oakland Avenue and East Silver Street, her life changed.

“We heard that there was an accident a few hours after the accident, then we found out who it was,” said Brenda Royer.

According to initial reports, Tubb was taken by medical helicopter to Mercy Health. Through phone conversations with Royer, we found out that Tubb had both legs amputated, along with other injuries.

Royer works at The Buhl Club in Sharon where Tubb and her husband drop off two of their three kids for daycare.

“An almost two-year-old little girl and a three-year-old little boy,” Royer said.

They also have an 11-year-old daughter.

Royer says the Tubb family is very dedicated to helping others. Both she and her husband work similar shifts so they can be there with their children in the evening.

“Whatever those children would need, they put those children’s needs first to make them be successful,” Royer said.

While the family is going through these hardships, The Buhl Club wanted to chip in. The club is offering its services for free to the two young ones.

“They need to be here right now. They need to keep their stability until they can find a new normal,” Royer said.

But The Buhl Club isn’t where the kindness ends. People have also donated anything and everything the family could need.

“When a tragedy occurs, when you’re in a little community like this, we’re here to help and support each other. That’s the benefit of living in this area,” Royer said.

If you wish to make a donation, you can contact The Buhl Club online or by calling 724-981-3700.