SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) — The Kiwanis Club of Sharon hosted a kids bicycle safety event at Buhl Park Saturday.

It’s the club’s fourth annual bike safety event.

It’s part of a series of community events leading up to Buhl Day on Monday.

Over the last three bike safety events, over 2000 children were fitted with free bicycle helmets. The Kiwanis Club wants kids to have fun while also learning proper bike safety.

“We don’t want the children to get hurt and the head is the most important part of the body,” said Kiwanis Club of Sharon president Terry Shaffer said.

Children as young as Pre-K all the way through high school were fitted for the helmets. Shaffer said kids should be alert focused when riding a bike.

“Always look, keep your eye on where you are going so that you are aware of everything in front of you,” Shaffer said.

Just like a car or motorcycle uses signals, there are also bike signals that all cyclists must learn. The signals were displayed in the Bike Safety pamphlet the Kiwanis club gave out to parents.

“If you learn it when you are young, you will know it for the rest of your life — and we don’t want to have an accident to learn by,” Shaffer said.

“It all comes from following your parents and following a good leader so I think you have to teach them and be a good role model,” said New Castle resident and parent Renay Kondrasuk.

A new bike trail is expected to open in Sharon a few weeks after Labor Day. The Kiwanis club of Sharon is a sponsor of the new trail.