Severe Weather Ready: Where do weather warnings come from?

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We are teaming up with our sister station to keep you severe weather ready.

One area we are honing in on is weather warnings. When warnings are issued we are here tracking the storms, preparing you before, during, and after the alert. So, where do storm warnings come from? 
They are all issued by the National Weather Service.

There is much more to the process than just drawing a box on a map. The process of issuing a warning involves explaining why it has been issued, what type of impacts can be expected, and what has been detected by radar or reported by an observer.

Pittsburgh National Weather Service Meteorologist Fred Mcmullen explains why you should read the warnings.

“Seek shelter first, but look at the impacts because we communicate the type of impacts you can expect with this,” he said.

If a warning is issued for your area, you should seek appropriate shelter first. Then you can come to us as we track the storm for you, down to your street, and stay on it until the threat ends.

When Severe Weather Threatens, Storm Team 27 and 33 Pinpoint Weather come together to keep our viewers safe. Our coverage to get you and your family Severe Weather Ready will continue throughout Wednesday. Look for special reports in every newscast on WKBN, Fox Youngstown, and WYTV. And tonight at 7 p.m., Storm Team 27 and 33 Pinpoint weather will bring you a Live 30 minute special on Fox Youngstown.

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