Severe storms, wind knock down power lines in the Valley

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MECCA TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Here’s where the worst of the damage occurred from the severe weather that rolled through the area this evening.

This is the Edgewater Drive area of Mecca Township. It’s right off Route 46, about a quarter-mile south of the square in Mecca.

No one was hurt; everyone was OK, but the Mecca Fire Department is still on the scene. First Energy crews have been in and out of the area.

First News reporters weren’t allowed back in because power lines are down, but we were able to get somewhat of a picture of what happened.

“[Twenty minutes] after 6 this evening we had a storm come through, that’s all we know for sure. It was a storm,” said Kevin Kuriatnyk, the assistant fire chief in Mecca. “There’s some damage, there are power lines down, we’ve had some damage to multiple roofs in the area. Edison has cut the main lower to this subdivision so they can get the rest of the township under power again, and they’re going to come back and start working in this area.”

Kuriatnyk said more than a handful of houses in the Edgewater neighborhood were damaged.

Jerry and Patty Denovchek live across the street and saw the whole thing.

“I opened the front door and I just saw everything blowing. We had a blow-up skeleton right alongside our porch. I saw it going up in the air. I can’t find it. I have no idea where it’s at and I saw all this debris everywhere and then it was over within probably 40 seconds to a minute. It was quick, it was quick,” they said.

At one point, a tree was also covering Route 46. It had to be cut upland and removed to get traffic flowing.

The National Weather Service in Cleveland issued 11 tornado warnings Wednesday late day. That’s the most they’ve issued for an event since 2005. The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado between Niles and Warren at 6:07 p.m. with visual confirmation by law enforcement.

The National Weather Service will be busy today going around Northern Ohio areas to view damage and give classification to how many tornadoes, and classify their intensity on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

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