NILES, Ohio (WKBN) — Several cats were removed from a Niles foster-based rescue earlier this week.

Animal Welfare League CEO Lori Shandor said the animals at the shelter are currently decompressing.

AWL is working with a few different groups and individuals to foster some of the cats and kittens.

There were 25 cats removed from inside the Higley Avenue home operating as the Niles Cat Crusade Tuesday.

All of the cats have been started on medications to treat respiratory illness due to the air quality inside the home. Some are being treated for severe flea infestation while others have open sores and abscesses from being in their own urine and feces for an extended period of time.

“Lots of medical treatment happening right now and really the biggest thing we’re doing is waiting to see are there other illnesses that are going to break, are there other sicknesses that are gonna pop up. We’re running bloodwork and things like that to see what else we’re looking at,” said Shandor.

Shandor said of the 25 removed Tuesday, only one kitten needed to be put down. Many of the 19 others taken from outside the home and dropped off at a second location had to be euthanized due to their medical and physical conditions.

Humane agents will be back at the home to remove more.

Charges are pending in the case.