CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Just six more days until the six best days of the summer with the Canfield Fair.

On Thursday, setup started around the Canfield Fairgrounds, from carnival rides to food vendors. Many are in their usual places.

One food vendor, Antone’s, has been a popular spot for people near the “big rock” since the 1970s.

Everyone loves the pasta, meatball sandwiches, cavatelli and fried cheese. This year, Antone’s will have something new at its stand.

“So we wanted to introduce something new, and we’re adding to our menu. We’ll have Chicago beef sandwiches. We’ll have different varieties of them and we’re excited to bring them on and show people that we have some new, exciting things for them,” said Chad Scianna, Jr. with Antone’s.

Antone’s will have four varieties of the Chicago beef sandwiches.

As far as the carnival rides go, there will be between 45 and 50 rides for children and adults.

The Canfield Fair is the only fair in Ohio in which the amusement company supplies rides too.

The Beast, Rampage Roller Coaster and Dutch Wheel are not available at other times of the season.

The rides will all be inspected before Wednesday, and the ride company checks them before each day of the fair.