(WKBN) — Septic inspections were a big story we reported on six months ago with state law requiring the checks within three years. Mahoning County will have to look at 17,000 systems. While doing that, it also has to check systems before a home purchase or sale goes through. Some people are experiencing delays, and the county wants to catch up.

A pending sign is a good thing to see in real estate. The Siedners wanted to close and sell their Green Township property in May. A septic and well inspection still isn’t complete. They expect to extend the closing for a second straight month.

“These are timely transactions. You know, people want to get closed on their houses in 30 days. You can’t do that when you’re scheduling an inspection out for weeks and then waiting for the results,” said Sierra Seidner.

The Seidners waited one month to get an inspection. The Mahoning County Health Department says it has five inspectors and the average wait is two and a half weeks. Some inspectors are running a little behind.

“This is our busiest time of the year for that and a set timeframe is difficult to maintain there because it fluctuates based on how many homes are selling in every township,” said Colton Masters with Mahoning County Environmental Health.

It’s working to divide the workload better and monitor any overlap between the septic inspections for real estate and the others for Operation and Maintenance, which are required within the next three years.

“They shouldn’t be competing or fighting against each other. We want them to work in tandem, and so if there is overlap, that’s what I need to figure out and figure out how to resolve that and fix that,” said Masters.

The inspections take time — put dye in the system to make sure it’s not failing and wait for water tests. The Seidners have felt the pinch on both ends. They bought a house in Lowellville in Jan. and didn’t close until April 28, waiting for the same inspection.

“We bought our house in Lowellville. They were subject to an interest rate hike, and now this time our buyers, they’re going to be subject to an even bigger three-quarter point interest rate hike and somebody’s going to have to pay for it,” said Sierra.

The buyer’s interest rate in this case expires on Thursday. Mahoning County Health Department recommends calling as soon as you think about putting your home on the market. The inspections are $320 for the septic and well.