YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Sentencing today for a 15-year-old boy in Mahoning County Juvenile Court on a charge he had a gun at the Canfield Fair was continued after the judge found out the teen had violated several terms of his release from juvenile detention.

Instead, Judge Theresa Dellick ordered the teen detained until he makes a counseling appointment, which was one of the terms of his release when he was let out of detention in November after serving 60 days in the Martin P. Joyce Juvenile Justice Center.

The teen had been in the JJC since Sept. 3, when he was arrested at the Canfield Fair after several fights broke out followed by gunshots. No one was hurt.

He pleaded true, the juvenile equivalent of guilty, to charges of carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest and inducing panic, and was released from detention with several conditions, among them electronic house arrest and that he receive counseling. A presentence report was recommending probation, with counseling.

Defense attorney Brian Tarashawty asked Judge Dellick to follow the recommendations in the report. He said until this case his client had never been in detention, and he pointed out that his client did not fire a gun at the fair and the gun he had was unloaded.

Tarashawty said when his client was not released from detention after 30 days the strain was so bad he needed counseling. He said his client realizes because he was involved in an incident at one of the area’s premier events, he will stay out of trouble because he knows if he gets in trouble again he will probably not get a break.

“He understands his conduct,” Tarashawty said. “He understands he ruined the fair.”

“If he comes back I know you’ll remember him. I know everyone will remember him.”

The teen declined to speak before the judge heard by one of the court staff of several violations of the terms of the teen’s release. Included in the violations is his behavior in school, a counseling appointment was not made and the house arrest bracelet was not working.

When asked to come in to fix the bracelet, the boy and his mother did not show up, the report said.

Judge Dellick ordered the teen back to detention until an appointment can be scheduled for him, saying he had plenty of opportunities to follow his instructions yet did not.

“This is your best?” she asked. The judge also said today was the first time she had heard of problems with the house arrest.

The boy’s mother pleaded for a second chance for her son, saying she works 16-hour days, recently moved and has four other children she has to care for. She said will make sure her son follows the judge’s instructions and if he does not she will take the blame.

“I’m doing the best I can as a single mother to get everything done,” she said.

But while the judge said she appreciates the woman and said she had a good heart, she added it is up to her son to follow the rules.

“Your son isn’t helping you.” Judge Dellick. “This isn’t all on you. This is on him.”

To the teen, she said, “Your mom is working very hard. You have to do your part.”

Reports said as police tried to break up a fight at the fair, reports came in of shots fired by Gate C. Police chased a male who was the teen charged with the weapons offense near a barn and the male stopped when he was warned he would be hit with a stun gun, reports said. Reports said another officer saw him throw something while they were chasing him and police found an unloaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun.

Six other juveniles were also charged in juvenile court for their roles in the fight along with three adults.

Four adults were also charged with misdemeanors for their role in the melees. Their cases have been completed.