One local school is bringing a type of therapy to their hallways that you may have never seen, heard or felt before.

A lot of times we envy kids and think where do they get all that energy? But for some students, all that energy can make it hard to sit still and learn for an entire school day.

To help with that, Campbell schools started what is called a sensory path. It has numbers for students to follow, lines for them to walk and jump and hand prints for them to touch all along the hallway in the elementary school.

The purpose of it is to appeal to their senses, get them focused on something and burn off a little of that energy before they head back to class.

Occupational therapist Lauren Stepanian said it only takes a few seconds but can have a big impact on how students learn.

“As occupational therapists, we learn that movement stimulates different parts of the brain, so just adding a little more movement, stimulating different areas of their brain helps them a little bit more with focus,” she said.

A few passes down the hallway and they’re refocused and ready to hit the books.

“They don’t realize that they are doing it for extra input, extra movement, they just think it’s fun,” Stepanian said.

Anyone from the elementary or middle school can use the path; they just have to be accompanied by an adult.

In the future, Stepanian said they want to add a sensory room. It would have bean bag chairs, lava lamps and possibly even swings to create a calm learning environment.