Senator Sherrod Brown makes plans to meet with Lordstown Motors

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He wants to meet with them about their plans for bringing in new jobs

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The new Lordstown Motors needs $300 million to start building its electric pickups inside the closed GM Lordstown plant.

They are expected to apply for a federal loan through the Department of Energy.

The money from that loan should make up two-thirds or what’s needed to get the plant moving.

Senator Sherrod Brown plans to meet with Lordstown Motors about their plans for bringing in new jobs.

“I wanna meet with them and the union and make sure that these jobs are what they promised, that the wages are what they ought to be. I know they’re not gonna be as high as GM wages, but they’ve got to be close. These are highly skilled workers,” said Brown.

Brown says that too many people have left the Valley to find work elsewhere with GM.

He believes that now is the time to get as many people back to work with Lordstown Motors as soon as possible.

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