Senator Portman emphasizes support of new anti-drug measures

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Rob Portman

After years of pushing his colleagues on Capitol Hill, as well as the White House, Ohio Senator Rob Portman is now looking forward to the quick implementation of a series of new anti-drug measures.

President Trump signed new legislation Wednesday to combat the opioid epidemic and provide money for new treatment programs around the country.

A portion of the new law includes Portman’s STOP Act, which will now require the U.S. Postal Service to screen packages coming into the country for illegal drugs, a protocol that other private delivery services already do.

“We know it comes mostly from China and mostly through our United States mail systems. This is long overdue,” Portman said. “I’ve been working on this legislation for a few years. It is about time we do it. It’ll help in Youngstown and around the state.”

Portman said the law also provides prenatal care for women who are drug-addicted to help ensure they deliver healthy babies.

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