SEBRING, Ohio (WKBN) – Generations of one family came together on Sunday to celebrate a Sebring resident’s 106th birthday.

“Beautiful people have come to see me,” said Virginia Althouse.

About 45 family members gathered at Copeland Oaks in Sebring to celebrate Virginia’s 106th birthday. Everyone from her only son, Ed Althouse, who she adopted 72 years ago…

Ed: “Do you remember the date, April 30, 1950, when you and dad opened up your home and your hearts to little Eddie?”
Virginia: “Yes, I remember that.”

…to her nieces, nephews and all the way down to her great-great-great niece, born just two months ago.

“The ones that are here now, I’m going to enjoy them today,” Virginia said.

Virginia talked fondly about trips after World War II with her late husband, Don, and about the farm they had in Salem.

Virginia and Don Althouse
Photo of Virginia and Don Althouse courtesy of Sherry Deckerd

Her family describes her as a kind and sweet person, steadfast in her faith in God.

Her great-niece, Sherry Deckerd, remembers fond childhood trips up to Michigan to fish and hike.

“I remember skateboarding in their driveway. I remember gathering around the piano and singing with her. Yeah, I remember her trips to Michigan. They used to go to Michigan a lot,” Deckerd said.

Virginia grew up in the Salem area and was born in 1916. She married her husband in 1935 shortly after graduating from high school.

Ed says it’s a blessing to have his mom still in his life.

“It’s a blessing and it’s a four-hour drive over from Smithport to visit her, but it’s worth it and we do spend some time just talking, reminiscing,” he said.

Deckerd says she appreciates that all the children in their family can grow up with Virginia’s influence.

“Most people don’t live to her age and it’s pretty… It’s much a blessing to see,” Deckerd said.