Sebring water system in violation of Ohio EPA guidelines

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The Sebring Water System recently violated a couple drinking water requirements

SEBRING, Ohio (WKBN) – The Sebring Village water system has a few problems, and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency guidelines say customers need to know.

There were a couple of violations at the treatment plant concerning monitoring. The notices for the violations were posted on the village website.

The pH level of the water is supposed to be between 7.4 and 7. 8. During the monitoring period from July to December 2020, there were 21 days where the level did not fall between those parameters.

Also, the water is routinely monitored for cloudiness or turbidity, which indicates if the water is being filtered properly. Samples in November 2020 showed that 7% percent of the turbidity measurements were more than 0.3 turbidity units. The standard allows no more than 5% of samples to exceed 0.3 turbidity units per month.

In addition, the village water treatment plant failed to meet the criteria in November 2020 for the treatment of Cryptosporidium, a disease-causing microorganism that has been found in the village’s raw water source before treatment. The system was placed on a boil advisory from November 27-30.

There are no boil advisories at this time, and there is nothing customers need to do, according to village officials.

Under Ohio EPA guidelines, the village must provide an explanation as to why the violations happened, a plan for how it will be prevented in the future, and increase monitoring of lead and copper in the water.

A written explanation will be sent to the EPA by February 22, 2021.

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