Sebring School Board considers moving sixth graders to high school

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The Sebring Board of Education hosted a meeting Monday night to talk about moving some students to a different building. The move would have a big impact on students and the district, leaving some parents concerned.

“What we felt was the best thing for the kids was to have them in one building, together,” Principal Joe Krumpak said.

The Sebring Local School District is discussing moving the sixth graders to the high school with the seventh and eighth graders.

“Just a lot of pluses to having them up in our building,” Krumpak said.

He said those pluses are because of a new science and math curriculum. This move would allow for collaboration and stronger learning.

“For us, it’s just about what’s best for the kids — their learning environment, their being able to work in teams,” Krumpak said.

At a public meeting on Monday, the community was invited to voice its concerns or questions.

Fifth-grader Jacob Barnard had one main concern.

“It’s going to be a lot bigger so I might get lost a little easier and the lockers, there’s a lot of lockers up there,” he said.

Barnard was relieved to hear that they get help with their lockers and not getting lost.

“I’m kind of excited because we’re going to have new principals, we’re going to have new students and we’re going to have new places and specials and everything,” he said.

The purpose of this meeting was just to hear the community’s opinions.

Krumpak said the final decision will be made at a school board meeting on April 15. The public is invited to come and comment before the vote.

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