Se7en Nightclub brings night life to Austintown

Local News

A club in Austintown is trying to bring the night life scene to other places in the Valley aside from downtown Youngstown.

Brent Furrie and John Watkins started Se7en Night Nightclub in Wedgewood Plaza.

“Bringing that to Austintown is definitely going to help them becuase it’s going to be a lot more people coming to Austintown to see what we offer,” said Watkins.

More people coming to Austintown will bring in more money for the economy, but Furrie said there is one negative thing about their location. 

“Everyone’s like ‘Well, we can’t walk there. We can’t hitch a quick ride there,'” he said.

To combat this, there is a free bus that runs from YSU’s University Edge to the club. 

With the shuttle bringing people to the location, it opens the door for nearby businesses to also make more profit. 

“Before the club and after the club, people want to go eat and El Cowboy is right next door to us,” Watkins said.

Chris Golec, owner of Jubilee Limousine, said she is more than happy to team up with the club. 

“It will just bring more of the economy from downtown to the Austintown area,” Golec said.

According to the club owners, attendance rose by about 25 percent on the first night that they used the bus system. 

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