CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – South Range High School is all about tradition. Monday, it held its 24th Annual Raider Regatta.

The regatta is when sophomores, in teams of two to six, race boats they made solely out of cardboard and tape.

“It’s combining English, math and science. It’s cross-curricular and it’s a great way for the kids to come out, the community to come out and enjoy a fun event on a beautiful day,” said Maria Joseph, South Range English teacher and event organizer.

Joseph said students got to put their own personal touch on their boats by choosing their own costumes and themes while also learning skills they will carry through life.

“Not only are they having fun in the water, but they’re able to express themselves creatively,” she said. “Learning how to be good teammates and learning how to be responsible, and of course, taking part in our community and being an active member.”

At Beaver Township Park behind the former South Range High School, students used ropes to pull the boats across the lake.

Aidan Dominguez and Luke Rohan built a Fortnite-themed boat. They made it across the lake without sinking due to some key things they learned.

“A lot of measuring — don’t want to mess that up for sure,” Dominguez said. “You don’t want to fold the cardboard because the folds are in there forever.”

“Making a boat and bringing it across the lake is actually one of the coolest things I’ve probably done,” said Rohan.