CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — After controversy online about Lakeview school’s LGBTQ club, dozens gathered at Lakeview High School on Monday for the board of education meeting.

People overflowed into the stacks in the high school library to talk about a bulletin board the school’s Gay/Straight Alliance put up featuring pride flags.

Some members of the club expressed frustrations, saying they face regular discrimination from their peers.

“I get harassed on the daily,” said Lakeview student and Gay/Straight Alliance member Tatiana Brazzon. “I get called slurs, and I have been told I should take my own life because I don’t belong, but no one does anything.”

Other community members spoke and expressed concerns about the discomfort of other students at the school, as well as concerns about transgender children.

“I think a lot of us here tonight want to understand that none of this trying-to-transition-children in our community is happening,” said Marleah Campbell, a Cortland resident.

The Lakeview school board said it will review everyone’s comments and questions to address the issue at a later time.