YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) -The Better Business Bureau has made it easier to learn about and report scams. This comes just in time for the holiday season when scammers are busy.

The resource is called Scam Tracker. It gives people an opportunity to share their experiences with scammers to warn others.

It has been around for some time, but thanks to a partnership with Amazon and Capitol One, some changes were made including making it more user-friendly so you can alert others.

“You can enter your information, allow BBB to see it, allow other users at the BBB to see it, but also share it with your friends and family so they know that they aren’t the only ones being victimized by scam artists,” said Melissa Ames, a spokesperson for the BBB.

Ames says to be aware of scams during the holidays as many begin shopping online. She says if you see ads for a retailer you are unfamiliar with, do your research first to ensure it’s not a scam.