NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – A woman warned police of a scam involving a rental car agency on Friday.

According to a Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) report, a woman called the number she found on Google for Hertz Rental Car. The man she talked to on the phone said to go to Walmart and get a Visa Go-to-Bank card for $485.

When she did so, she could call back and the man would set up a rental car.

When the woman did what the man asked, she called the number back and this time a woman answered. This person received the card number from the victim and told her to go to Nick’s Auto Body and pick up the car.

The victim went to Nick’s Auto Body, the shop had no record of any rental cars for the victim.

The woman then reported the scam to PSP.

The number she called for Hertz Rental Car was 866-584-2477.