YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s a busy time of year for everyone, especially for the man in the red suit. Sometimes he has to call in backup to get those last-minute wishes from children.

That was the case Friday morning at Kollege Tots in Youngstown.

Luckily, one high school senior in the area stepped up to the plate.

Baylun Anderson was called Wednesday night by his cousin to fill in for a Christmas party at Kollege Tots Friday morning.

Anderson doesn’t usually do this type of work but wanted to do it for the kids.

“I didn’t want to see them go without because I know how it is to not have things on Christmas, so I just sucked it up and decided to come and play Santa for a little while,” Anderson said.

“I’m just happy that it was nice, and I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year,” said Donna Gibson, director of Kollege Tots.

The annual Christmas party started at 10:30 a.m., and Santa also handed gifts out to the children.