Salon helps fellow stylists who lost Hair Hut in Canfield plaza fire

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Salon 224 in Boardman is proud to be able to help Hair Hut stylists until they can find a new location

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Eight days ago, a fire tore through Summit Plaza on Route 224 in Canfield. One of the businesses that lost nearly everything is open again — with help from a nearby salon.

The fire on July 28 caught business owners off-guard.

“Devastating,” said Rosemary Raver, the owner of Hair Hut Salon. “I mean, most of the girls that are here arrived up there at about the same time as it was flaming and what do you do? Your heart breaks.”

Raver scrambled to find a new location for her employees and clients.

“We traveled 224 between Canfield and Market Street for two solid days,” she said. “Went into several salons. They were very nice and opened up their doors but they couldn’t handle us.”

Fortunately, a nearby salon stepped up to help.

“I heard Rosemary talking to the firemen and I thought I was going to call her first thing in the morning because I knew I had room for some stylists,” said Patricia McSuley, owner of Salon 224.

McSuley’s salon is just down the road in Boardman. It opened less than a year ago and has the space for all of Raver’s employees and clients.

McSuley is proud to be able to help a fellow salon in its time of need.

“It’s so humbling to me to be able to provide for these girls,” she said.

Hair Hut plans to operate out of Salon 224 for up to 90 days. Then they plan on moving to a new location along 224 in Canfield or Boardman.

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