SALINEVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – Workers with Encino Energy are about to put four new oil and gas wells online at a three-acre site in Salineville.

Congressman Bill Johnson, R-6th District, was invited to take a tour Monday and hear what executives say they need to be successful.

“They’re looking for Washington to get out of the way and let them do what they know how to do,” Johnson said.

The site will soon begin the fracking process, something Johnson says Ohio needs more of.

“If we could quadruple the amount of natural gas that we’re exporting right now, we would lower carbon emissions globally,” he said.

But to do that, executives with both Encino and EQT Energy say they desperately need more processing and pipeline infrastructure to get all those resources to market.

U.S. Senate Candidate Tim Ryan’s campaign says he has been a supporter of the oil and gas industry, giving a speech in the House just last week. However, Senate challenger J.D. Vance, who also took a tour of the well site, claims Ryan’s statements ring hollow.

“I don’t care what Tim Ryan says, I care what he does, and what he does has been a failure. Not just for the energy industry in this state but everybody who depends on it, which is pretty much all of Ohio,” Vance said.

Executives claim they will produce energy for the next 50 years here, with no government subsidies. They say they just need lawmakers to let them do their jobs.