Salem’s iconic ‘Frostop’ root beer mug makes appearance at Salem Super Cruise

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SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – The iconic Frostop mug that used to sit atop the root beer stand in Salem was back up and spinning Friday afternoon.

And next week, it will be on display at the Salem Super Cruise.

The co-owners of the mug, the Greenamyer family and the Miller family, had it on display Friday at NAPA Auto Parts on W. State Street during a customer appreciation party.

NAPA Auto Parts owner Bob Jackson said it has already attracted attention.

“… We’ve got people blowing their horns as they go by and hooting and hollering and tons of people coming to get hot dogs,” owner Bob Jackson said. “We’re just having a good time. It’s a community party today.”

The store had actual Frostop Root Beer, popcorn and giveaways to go with the hotdogs for the customer appreciation party.

Jackson’s store supplied the paint that is color-matched to the original mug.

The whole project took 1,300 hours to complete, and everyone who was involved in it has their name written on the inside of the mug.

“We did it on our own because it’s part of Salem,” Jim Greenamyer said. “We’ve been in Salem all of our lives and all part of Salem.”

All of the masking and painting was done by hand with no decals added. Greenamyer’s brother, Bill, also built a hydraulic lift so the mug can be laid down for transporting.

“I think they did a fantastic job,” said Gene Johnson, the organizer of the Salem Super Cruise.

The mug will be officially raised at Bailey Financial at 8 p.m June 10. Steve Bailey, of Bailey Financial, is Greenamyer’s nephew and helped restore the mug. The mug will then go to the main cruise lot on Saturday and Sunday on Pershing Street.

“It’s going to be a great asset to the Salem Super Cruise this year. It’s just amazing the hydraulics and the paint job they did on the root beer. You have to come out and see it,” Johnson said.

Jim Greenamyer said he tried to buy the mug off the original owner two years ago, but the owner wouldn’t budge. Finally, he figured out what the owner wanted so Greenamyer said he wanted to restore it and keep it in Salem. That sealed the deal and the mug was his.

“Just want to thank my whole family, without them, it brought the family together and friends. Every time we rolled it, we had to dial a phone number and they all showed up. Couldn’t have done it without them,” Greenamyer said.

So what’s going to happen to the mug after the Super Cruise?

“It’s going to stay in Salem, that’s the answer,” Greenamyer said. “Don’t know where. Top of a building, historical society, somewhere – it’s staying in Salem.”

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