SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – If you’re going to give a 100-year gift to the community, it better be something special.

The Family Sports Center is the 100-year service project of the Rotary Club of Salem. It includes a playground, two volleyball courts, two batting cages, two golf cages, a practice soccer field, cross-fit equipment, and handicap accessibility. It’s located in Waterworth Memorial Park.

The Rotary Club’s charitable focus started with children, so it was natural this centennial gift also supports children.

“The children really are our future leaders and our future workers. And to be able to have a place where they feel included and they feel that they can come here with their friends and their family and be safe is a really an important part of what being a Rotarian is,” said William Dawes,

The Family Sports Center also has a central gazebo-style pavilion.

The three-year project included raising $250,000.