SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – Friday is the first day of the Salem Super Cruise.

Thousands of people were already out and about checking out the different styles of cars on display. We talked to some of the owners about what makes their cars so special.

Mark Firth has a 2023 Corvette.

“Out of all the cars I’ve ever owned. This gets more attention out of everything I’ve ever owned,” he said.

Some cars look the same way as when they came from the factory. Others had some more TLC done to them, either to the body or the engine.

“Wrapping is a lot better than painting. You can get a better design. A lot of commercialized people are going to wraps,” said Mark Solcum of his Opel GT.

Walking through the vehicles gives spectators an up-close view rather than for a brief second on the road during the cruise. This is where Jack Marino is getting the chance to show off his Porsche.

“It’s really kind of funny. A lot of the Harley guys will ride by. They’ll give you a thumbs up, and I’ll give them one back. That kind of stuff,” said Jack Marino.

Under the hood is where Ray Burkholder gets eyes on his Ford pickup.

“I put a 39 for transmission in it, changed the 4-cylinder to a flat head V-8,” he said.

Inside, Burkholder’s pickup gets eyes inside, too, where Larry Csnoka, who played for the two-time Super Bowl-winning Miami Dolphins signed the dashboard.

“Well, we had hope someday it would be worth some money. It was kind of neat,” Burkholder said.