SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) — Monday night at the Salem Public Library, a local historian and author gave a talk on the history of organized crime in the Valley.

Sean Posey has written several books on the Youngstown area. On Monday, his talk spanned from the early history of the mob and its predecessors, and prohibition through the modern era.

Posey says this area has a rich history, both good and bad.

“It’s kind of a dark history, but it’s important. It shows this area’s importance in American history,” Posey says. “We have a deep labor history here. We have a deep history of various different immigrant groups, but we also have a darker side — and of course, that’s the history of organized crime.”

Organizers with the library say organized crime is a topic many people are interested in. Monday’s presentation had about 30 people in attendance.

“We do programming here almost every day of the week,” says program manager Angela Vaughn. “We chose this one because the topic seems to be hot right now.”

Organizers with the library say they frequently have programs and talks like this one.

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