Former Salem man battles harsh weather conditions while living in Texas

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He's been having trouble getting food and water

(WKBN) – Many parts of the southern half of the country have had a rough go due to weather, experiencing snow and temperatures that many of us in the north are used to.

However, one man from Salem has been living the last two years in Texas and says he’s never seen anything like this.

“All the stores are shut down for days. you couldn’t get any food all the way from Walmart to HEB’s down there. Everything just shut down,” said Kevin Duvall, who spent most of his life living in Salem.

About two years ago, he moved to Texas and is currently living with his fiancée and their one-year-old daughter.

Even though snow is nothing new to him, this experience is something brand new.

“I’ve never been so scared to drive on snow or ice all because no one down here is used to having any kind of weather like this,” Duvall said.

He says it’s been hard getting basic supplies.

Duvall works for Amazon and says many of his coworkers are worried about getting gas for deliveries, and he’s been having trouble with getting food and water.

“I’m trying to place online orders and you just can’t find any time slots. There’s a lot of slots like a week out,” he says.

He has managed to get some food from a local Dollar General, and the problems don’t stop there.

“There’s so many water main pipes that have busted around the city, possibly polluting the waters. If you have water, you can’t drink it. You have to boil it,” Duvall says.

He says the weather is turning in Texas, but due to the pipes bursting, it’s going to be a while before they are out of this.

“They’re not equipped to handle it. They knew about this weather system coming in three weeks in advance or so. They seen it coming, warned us. Promised us, ‘We’re good, we’re set up, we’re ready for it,'” Duvall said. “Then, it hit and find out families without power for days, families without water.”

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