Salem farmer says excessive rain can be hard on strawberry crop

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SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s been a week since we saw heavy rain and flash floods, but all of that water is affecting the strawberry crop this year.

“This year, [the strawberries] are really starting off big, perhaps because of the excessive rainfall,” said John Huffman, whose family has been farming in this area since the 1890s.

He said strawberries are hearty through winter.

“They don’t like wet feet. They don’t like too much rain.”

Flooding hurts a lot of farmers. Wet fields delayed spring planting for many.

The excessive water is especially hard on strawberries.

“This year has been extremely difficult to get anything planted. Just too wet and the dry spells have been such a short period of time,” Huffman said.

Although their strawberry crop has gotten off to a good start, they have to watch it carefully in times like these.

“The biggest problem about growing strawberries around here is too much moisture, and causing root disease problems and rot problems in the fruit,” Huffman said.

The Huffmans have been picking strawberries regularly over the past week, but it hasn’t been easy.

Strawberry season generally ends by the Fourth of July.

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