Salem doctor shares tips to help you prepare for allergy season

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Spring has officially sprung and although the trees and flowers haven’t bloomed just yet, the best time to prepare is now before allergy season fully kicks in.

Dr. Mike Sevilla from the Family Practice Center of Salem has a few tips to help you prepare for the spring allergy season.

Sevilla says it helps to monitor pollen counts — there are even apps that can help with this. He suggests keeping windows and doors shut and to start taking your allergy medications now, such as pills and sprays, but to always check with your doctor if you think you may need to take shots.

He also suggests taking a shower, washing your hair and changing your clothes after coming in from outside to help avoid irritants like tree, grass or ragweed pollen.

Symptoms, which are usually more prevalent in children than adults, can include coughing, sneezing, sniffling and itching. The difference between allergies and the common cold is a fever.

Sevilla also says to be aware of the type of things you are allergic to. Ragweed is more prominent in August, so if you know you are allergic to ragweed, Sevilla says you can then know when to start taking preventative measures.

If you think your allergies are getting worse, talk with your doctor, who can test you for other allergens too.

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