Salem City Schools welcomes first School Resource Officer

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Officer Richard Miller is taking on a new role as Salem City Schools’ first School Resource Officer. 

He’s responsible for over 2,000 lives, but he said it doesn’t worry him.

“I’m here to protect them, and I will,” he said. 

It may be a new position, but Miller is no stranger to the school.

He was the Salem Police Department’s Juvenile Officer for the past five years, and his kids go to Salem City Schools. 

“Being here all the time, getting to know the kids, talking to the kids, they don’t think twice about me being in the building,” he said. “They’re just so used to me being here.” 

Now that Miller will actually be in school all day, some students say it gives them relief. 

“We were just talking about him coming in and us feeling safer because he’s going to be here,” said senior Jordan Archer. 

Archer said she never even thought about school shootings until this year. 

“Whenever they actually started becoming a big thing and nationally known, and that was when he started coming around more,” she said.

While Miller’s more than ready to protect these kids, he’s also looking forward to getting to know them. It’s something Superintendent Joe Shivers says will come easy. 

“He’ll be wearing a uniform, but it won’t be long before he’s staff,” Shivers said. 

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