(WKBN) – PennDOT and Pennsylvania State Police are looking to keep drivers safe on their travels this summer. Friday is the agency’s annual Safety Day.

All 14 welcome centers across the state participated.

The event helps promote Pennsylvania’s culture of safety on the roads. Visitors learn about different topics like impaired driving, work zone safety, and litter pickup.

There was also a memorial for the 90 PennDOT workers who lost their lives working on Pennsylvania roadways.

“We always talk a lot about eliminating distractions, not driving impaired, whether that be alcohol or legal/illegal drugs. Just making sure that you are respecting our work zones and protect the lives of our workers,” said Saxon Daugherty, PennDOT Safety press officer.

PennDOT is also promoting its Yellow Dot Program. After filling out a card with personal and medical information, drivers can put a yellow dot sticker on their windshield. This would alert first responders to check your glove box for important information in the event of an accident.