YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The questions caught Youngstown city leaders completely off guard.

“I just want to know about the ability of the police chief to exact discipline,” said councilwoman Anita Davis.

Davis chairs the safety committee and is a retired police officer herself. She wanted to know why Lieutenant Brian Flynn has been on paid leave with benefits for the last year and a half. He was charged this week with dereliction of duty.

“The uniform allowance, of course, really gets to me, OK? So does the fact that he’s at home and he’s getting hazardous duty pay,” Davis said.

Flynn is the former commander of the department’s Family Services Division. He’s accused of deleting cases he was sent to investigate by the state Internet Crimes Against Children Unit.

“He’s collecting my tax dollars, OK? Sitting at home. My tax dollars,” Davis said.

City leaders told council that by contract, officers cannot be suspended without pay for more than two months and that it took longer than that just to find an outside agency to investigate Flynn.

Fellow committee member and retired police chief Jimmie Hughes seemed willing to let the case unfold before taking action.

“I think that the process is going into the right direction. I would have seen myself doing the exact same thing,” councilman Hughes said.

Although neither the mayor or law director wanted to comment publicly, that didn’t stop Davis from demanding answers.

“I think I’m speaking for an entire, for an awful lot of people who’s saying they want to see transparency,” Davis said.

Flynn, who remains on paid leave, is not expected in court for another two weeks.