(WKBN) – The higher gas prices go, the lower the needle on the gas gauge goes for many drivers.

AAA has gotten flooded with calls from drivers who are stranded, and on empty, over the last three months.

“In April, there were over 1,200 calls. In May, there were over 1,600 out-of-gas calls in our region,” said Tiffany Stanley, a AAA East Central spokesperson.

June is already hitting record highs.

“As of the end of day yesterday, we found that we had 804 out-of-gas calls, and we’re just halfway through the month,” Stanley said.

In order to save money, people everywhere are cutting costs.

Stanley said some drivers are also cutting it close, waiting too long to fill up.

She said if you do run out of gas, it can be extremely dangerous to have to pull over, turn on the hazard lights, and pop the hood.

“Not only could you end up stranded on a busy highway or on a bridge in your vehicle in this extreme heat, but you can also clog your fuel filter with the dirt and debris at the bottom of your filter, or even cause damage to your fuel pump,” said Stanley.

That alone could run up to $500.

To maximize your mileage, AAA recommends filling up any time you’re at a quarter tank of gas, changing your oil routinely, cleaning your air filter and making sure you have air in your tires.